Our environmental work

Sustainability is very important to us at Vafabmiljö, this constitutes the core of both policy operations and for the goals we decides for each year. Our vision is ”Together we create a sustainable society”.

We work primarily with efficient material- and energy recovery, so that we can make something useful of the waste generated in the society. We also work with prevention so that the waste will not arise. One of the ways we impact the environment positively through is to inform the public and clients on waste and recycling.

A negative environmental impact is the historic landfilling. Before we knew we could recycle our materials we put all kinds of waste in the landfills. The negative backside of this is that methane gas produces inside the landfills. Because of the past dumping of organic waste, we need to take care of the methane gas, so it doesn´t contribute to climate change. The landfills can also contain various hazardous waste. When the rainwater passes through the landfill, the waste becomes contaminated (called leachate). This is taken care of a special plant (Sequencing Batch Reactor) that cleans the leachate and gives us new clean water.

We produce biogas from food waste, which can replace fossil fuels in transport. By this we can therefore contribute positively to the climate. But still the collection and transportation of waste contributes to environmental impacts. We there fore strive to make transport as efficient as possible.