Contact VafabMiljö

If you wish to contact us, you will find the address, telephone number and e-mail to us at VafabMiljö here. You can ask us ask questions and give us comments. We  will use the comments to improve our work.

If you have questions about subscriptions, residual waste or food waste and live in Enköping, Heby, Sala, Västerås, Skinnskatteberg, Hallstahammar, Surahammar, Norberg, Fagersta, Kungsör, Arboga or Köpings municipality, contact VafabMiljö Customer Service at telephone 021-39 35 00 (between hours 7.00-16.00).


E-mail addresses of employees at VafabMiljö are generally designed according to the principle Replace all å and ä with a, replace ö with o.



VafabMiljö Kommunalförbund, Box 140, 721 05 Västerås


Administrative office: Gasverksgatan 7, 721 30, Västerås

Operation office: Returvägen 20, 721 37 Västerås