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VafabMiljö offers lectures on waste management and how to achieve a sustainable society for companies and associations. There is also the opportunity to come and visit the Gryta waste station, we offers tours to the biogas plant.

Our environmental educators visits schools, businesses and associations were they give lectures on waste management and how to achieve a sustainable society. This is very appreciated which is why they every year meet about 9 000-10 000 students and other visitors. Our tours to the biogas plant is very appreciated, we have many international visitors all year round.

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Due to Covid-19 we have cancelled all visitation on further notice. We hope to see you soon, thank you for your understanding.

Want to book a visit or just want to know more about VafabMiljös business, please contact one of our informers.

Kaj Wallin, telephone: 021-39 35 57, e-mail:

Natalie Löfgren, telephone: 021-39 35 64, e-mail:

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